How We Work

There is no job too large, or too small.

From concept to commercialization, ALLURE BEAUTY CONCEPTS leverages new technologies in formulation, equipment, and manufacturing processes. Whether your business is a start-up looking to produce a limited run of products for launch or a Fortune 500 company supplying vendors on a global scale, our facilities have the flexibility to produce custom runs of any size using multiple product forms while maintaining the highest quality standards and consistency of output. Our adaptable filling lines, which can be semi-automated and fully automated, accommodate an expansive range of products and packaging solutions.

Our Iterative Process

  1. 1

    Project Request

    This is where it all begins. Submit a product development request with a concept idea or benchmark. Our dedicated team will help you define how your product will look, smell, feel and perform, and determine a roadmap to ensure you easily meet your target cost and launch timing.

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    Work with our talented R&D team to create a product that fulfills your vision. Whether this involves enacting tech transfers or custom formulating using the most advanced ingredients and delivery systems, the process will be supported and coordinated by detail-oriented experts who will make sure that everything from the product’s performance to its packaging and labeling matches your brand’s goals, ethos, and cost targets.

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    Quality and Testing

    Everything is in place to guarantee that your product has been thoroughly vetted and is ready for market at the highest standards. From formula stability to regulatory testing, we are exacting in our commitment to producing best-in-class products. We provide in-house technical support for stability, global regulatory compliance, micro challenge testing, and assay for OTC, and third-party support for HRIPT, UVA/UVB, consumer and clinical testing.

  4. 4

    Filling and Manufacturing

    Where it all comes together. Our production lines are ready to handle a variety of formulas, batch sizes, and quantities. We are meticulous about satisfying every aspect of our customers’ objectives, and making sure that the finished product is calibrated to perfection and primed for its introduction to the world.

Our Pathways to Innovation

No matter which of our four R&D service tiers you require, we are dedicated to innovation. Our team collaborates with key ingredient suppliers and biotech companies to bring novel technology, such as custom actives and unique delivery systems, to each project. And we recognize the importance of what’s on the outside, too: We constantly monitor market trends and explore new packaging concepts that keep our products at the forefront of the industry.

New Development

Starting from scratch? We harness the best in R&D and ingredient science to build your product idea into a refined, efficacious formulation in line with your brand identity and vision.

Library Bases

Prefer to start with ready-made groundwork? We have an extensive range of library bases that are set to go to market with easy, customizable tweaks.

Reverse Engineer

Do you have an existing product you with to reproduce? We can seamlessly reverse engineer any formula

Tech Transfer

If it’s tech transfer, you need, we are fully equipped to validate, quote, and manufacture.

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