Oct 28, 2022

This Skincare Regimen Can Clear Acne Fast

Whether it’s the teenager experiencing hormonal fluctuations exacerbated by the anxiety of going back to school after two years of sheltering-in-place at home through a global pandemic, or their parents breaking out due to the stress of re-adjusting to a new normal yet again; everyone wants to know the secret to getting rid of acne fast. No high-schooler wants to show up for picture day with a huge blemish on their face, and no mom wants to hide behind makeup or a mask to hide an adolescent pimple.

The frustrating thing about acne is that it’s usually stubborn. 

Unsuccessful attempts to eradicate it can leave one feeling hopeless. After wasting countless dollars on every product that claims to have the key, merciless acne seems to have a mind of its own, and insists on progressing at its own pace no matter what’s thrown its way. The market’s oversaturation of “acne solutions” doesn’t help. Like playing the lottery, consumers learn through trial and error instead of taking the time to understand how the skin works, and what approach might work best.

Breakouts happen for different reasons. If you suffer from chronic acne, it may be helpful to talk to a dermatology specialist who can help you identify and tackle the problem from the inside out. Topical solutions are proven effective, but will only be a bandaid to an issue that stems internally.

Sam Dhatt, Founder and CEO of Allure Labs, was one of the first chemists to formulate high-performing ingredients such as matrixyl, AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), and glycolic acid back in the early 1990s. Shortly after founding Allure Labs – now a leader in the custom contract manufacturing field – he developed his own skincare brand, DermaQuest Inc. DQ not only focuses on highlighting industry-staple ingredients in its formulations, but also provides hands-on continued education, business tools, and customer support to furnish the most profitable results for businesses, treatment teams, and clients via the DermaQuest Skincare Institute. This commitment to continuing education, similar to Dhatt’s philosophy with product manufacturing is what ensures DQ’s position at the forefront of cutting-edge, professional-grade skin care.   

As a master chemist who truly understands the chemistry of skin, Dhatt has built the DermaQuest brand to include an astute line of skin care products composed of highly efficacious formulations today. One subcollection of the line known as DermaClear, was carefully designed to specifically target acne breakouts from every angle, assuring tangible solutions for clearing them as quickly and smoothly as possible (regardless of the culprit). Of course, this regimen is to be executed in addition to adopting clear skin best practices such as not touching one’s face and not popping pimples or picking at agitated, post-acne skin that isn’t done healing yet. 

DermaQuest’s DermaClear line is a living testament of Allure’s sustained success in fulfilling product requests with similar objectives. Dhatt infuses every concoction with unrivaled industry knowledge and his transparent heart to refine each formulation to perfection to create innovative skincare that will be regarded as a timeless staple guide for brands and consumers alike in the decades to come.

For swift solutions to stubborn acne, reference this skincare regimen as your model:

·   DermaClear Cleanser; gentle exfoliation that cleanses congested pores and neutralize breakouts.

·   DermaClear Pads; for a deeper cleanse of oily, congested pores and/or active breakouts.

·   DermaClear BHA Cleanser; a chemical exfoliant that cleanses clogged pores and restores crucial hydration levels.

·   Advanced DermaClear Serum; designed for acne-prone skin, this serum keeps the skin’s cells turning over to regulate oil production and deliver treatment to deeper levels of skin that thoroughly attack breakouts and dark spots from the core.

·   DermaClear Mask; soothes irritated skin and calms active breakouts.

·   DermaClear Spot Treatment; target inflamed lesions with this powerful spot treatment containing 10% benzoyl peroxide

If you’re seeking a custom contract manufacturer that has a competitive edge in acne-clearing solutions to develop a product or line of products for your beauty brand, consider Allure and its showcase of accomplishments for your next move. Although it may seem like luck of the draw trying to manage tenacious acne – remember it’s a science, not a secret. Trust leaders like Allure Labs to formulate with this in mind.

This article is authored and approved by Sam Dhatt.

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