Dec 5, 2022

Natural vs. Organic: What’s the Difference?

When the average consumer picks up a product labeled “natural” or “organic”, there’s likely not much difference between how the two terms resonate. They may allude to similar definitions, but are in fact very different when it comes to cosmetics and personal care products.

Common misconceptions

The first point of importance to note when it comes to manufacturing products is that “organic” has an official definition that is kept by the USDA and regulated by the National Organic Program (NOP). ‘Natural’ does not. 

Products that are certified organic follow strict requirements, guidelines, and manufacturing processes that custom contract manufacturers like Allure Labs meticulously oversee. Allure’s Quality Control and Quality Assurance teams set them apart from other private label manufacturers, showcasing a proven record of adaptation to fast-paced industry trends and regulatory updates. Working in tandem with a renowned R&D lab, Allure helps clients design cutting-edge formulations that comply not only with the USDA regulations for the ‘organic’ claim, but also with the FDA regulations for labeling and safety for cosmetic products.

There is no official institution that exists to regulate the term ‘natural’. Therefore, its meaning can be malleable according to marketing teams’ objectives. End-users have become acutely aware of these sales tactics, and tend to be less trusting in brands who position their advertising claims loosely according to their product’s actual ingredient labels. 

Today’s social climate is hypersensitive to being duped by brands who lead with strong assertions but lack data or facts about their formulations to back them up. They know that just because a product contains some naturally-derived ingredients, not to assume it doesn’t simultaneously contain other harmful ones unless they crosscheck the labels themselves. 

Keep up with your customers

Thanks to the speedy evolution of internet technology, they can do that pretty easily. News and information is readily accessible to them at the touch of a screen, 24/7. Consumers have become accustomed to taking full advantage of this opportunity to educate themselves on the latest research and discoveries about ingredients, regulations, and trends when it comes to their beauty and personal care products. So, by the time they pick yours up off the shelf, they already have set criteria they’re measuring its claims against.  

Thanks to this accessibility and the rise of the clean beauty movement, shoppers are vigilant about conducting independent studies to consciously choose which products they use and support. Caring about how they contribute to fostering the betterment of their personal, familial, and community health is a basic expectation they have of themselves. They know just because an ingredient is ‘naturally-derived’ doesn’t mean it’s good for them. Brands who want to be successful in scaling a business in today’s market must be direct in assuring their customers of their commitment to safety and quality via transparent, consistent communication across their company’s mission, product packaging, and marketing materials.

Successful brand checklist

Brands who wish to remain relevant in the current market:

·   Are smart to choose manufacturers who can help them clean up their ingredient labels with the same energy they bring to designing their marketing and advertising materials. 

·   Operate knowing their users are conducting their own independent research to stay informed about ingredients to pay attention to and which to steer clear of as soon as new data becomes available – and prioritize keeping up at the same pace. 

·   Are forthcoming about their manufacturing process, where they source their packaging and ingredients, and their initiatives to improve the health of their surrounding community.

How to offer products consumers can trust

Allure Beauty Concepts offers a scope of options for solutions that best fit your circumstances. 

Whether you’re looking for custom development (formulations derived from your product concept) or are interested in private label options (our turnkey formulation solutions), Allure Beauty Concepts has you covered. When working with Allure, you can rest assured you’ll be lead through all stages of the process by professionals who work around the clock as the first responders to the most up-to-date industry standards, ordinances, and sensations to set your brand and product launches up for success and market security. 

If you’re looking to create products sure to pass the consumer checklist and guaranteed to be in compliance with USDA/NOP guidelines that users know they can trust, then partnering with a custom contract manufacturer who has a demonstrated history of skill in formulating organic products is the way to go. 

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This article is authored and approved by Sam Dhatt.

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