Dec 5, 2022

Ask Sam: Does Sustainable Packaging Matter?

If your goal is to have your product(s) on the shelves of major beauty retailers like Ulta, Sephora, or Target to name a few, then consider sustainable packaging a worthwhile investment.

Unlike other market trends that ebb and flow over time, this one remains constant and increasingly essential to modern beauty brands’ success.

It’s more than corporate responsibility

There’s no shortage of warning signs urging us toward economic consciousness. The climate crisis for starters. Plastic is the most significant contributor to the earth’s current climate crisis, and unfortunately the most popular for cosmetic and personal care products thanks to its affordable cost and appealing aesthetic.

Last month, contract manufacturer Allure Labs published an article, ‘Skincare Ingredients Our R&D Chemists Want You To Avoid’, which spotlighted a few key ingredients the lab tries to steer clear of in all formulations they create, with context included for each. These ingredients have been linked to multiple types of cancer, immune system disruption, and risk to developmental/reproductive systems through dermal absorption

Sustainable packaging, or ‘green beauty’, is part two of Allure’s clean beauty pledge. On top of not wanting to risk exposure to toxic ingredients living in the emulsions themselves, consumers want to confirm they’re also covered when it comes to the packaging that houses them. In today’s saturated market, users vote with their dollar, and only if brands are able to successfully check all the boxes for the latest industry standards. According to the GCI Institute, 64% of consumers believe sustainability is important when considering beauty products, as of May 2022. Companies that are thorough and transparent about how their products are sourced and manufactured earn customer loyalty, which translates not only to increased sales, but longevity in repeat sales over time and building a sturdy, sought-after reputation. Lastly, when manufacturing masses of products, it never hurts to lighten the carbon footprint they leave behind after expiry. 

Sustainable doesn’t have to = sacrifice

Unfortunately, sustainable packaging isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a balancing act that requires professional support in finding the best options for your brand/products, whether that be through your own market research or a contract manufacturer that does it for you. While yes, users want to feel confident the product’s packaging is eco-friendly – they also don’t need it spilling out into the contents of their bag because the functionality fails. In addition, aesthetics and presentation are also juggling concerns. 

What constitutes “sustainably sourced” packaging?

Sustainable packaging factors in things like material waste, packaging reuse rate, cumulative energy demand, and product shelf life. When you see the claim mark, it means the materials are biodegradable/recyclable, help conserve natural resources, and are manufactured using techniques that reduce energy usage and potentially harmful environmental effects. More specifically, sustainable packaging means reducing carbon emissions, localizing supply chains, using renewable substrate materials, right-size packaging, and paperboard from responsibly-maintained forests.

Consult the professionals

Brands that center a mindful approach to toxic waste will feel the return on their investment tenfold in both sales and consumer loyalty. With so much to consider, it’s safest for up-and-coming beauty brands looking to scale their business to invest in a custom contract manufacturer with a demonstrated history of industry skill and expertise. Allure has over 25+ years of experience navigating the waters of both green and clean beauty, and can help you maneuver through all the options to find the best fit for your products.

This article is authored and approved by Sam Dhatt.

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